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History & Archaeology

With a wide variety of interests in the fields of archaeology and history between them, Helen Davies and Maureen Smith will add to this site different types of content - current projects, papers, book reviews, events, and articles - which tie the emerging field of digital humanities to history and archaeology.   We welcome your suggestions and feedback!

Digital Indiana Jones

We know that the Indiana Jones version of archaeology is problematic, but it is wonderful.


No sooner did I turn in my final project for the semester when I received an e-mail from my cousin Barb with scans of letters my mother and her sisters wrote to Santa as children.  This follows a rather quiet time of our cousins "exchange" of stories, pictures and other items, several of which ended up in a MyPublisher book to give to the new family that purchased the old family house built by my great grandparents.  From 9th carbon copies of transcribed diaries from an ancester in the US Calvary during the French-Indian war to a poor quality recording of my grandfather playing a few ragtime duets, account book pages from my grandmother's tuition at Santa Clara Academy, pictures, architectural plans, the story about the ax murder mystery and my grandfather's successful defense of an innocent man, and so on. 
I feel like I'm being haunted by the ghost of DH past.